Help your students charge full STEAM ahead with Build-A-Mind’s cutting edge in-school programs 

With the 21st century well underway, more and more schools are opting to hire specialists in STEAM education to help equip their students for the future

We all know that STEAM education is the way forward and that 21st century thinking skills like problem-solving, and critical and creative thinking, should be at the heart of every teaching program.  However, making it all happen is easier said than done.  

From integrating the different STEAM disciplines into authentic investigations, to achieving the required syllabus outcomes, to being adequately trained in complex fields such as computer coding and robotics, teachers are facing an uphill battle.

That’s why Build-A-Mind offer a variety of in-school STEAM packages that take care of it all for you!

NOTE: If your school would like to make adjustments to a package, simply contact Build-A-Mind to discuss your needs.

** A travel fee will apply to areas where over 45 minutes of travel is required from our head office in Faulconbridge.

Why Build-A-Mind?

Besides getting to work with friendly, passionate and professional facilitators, Build-A-Mind make the whole process easy!  

When you invite Build-A-Mind to your school,

Your students will: You will:
  • Learn from our experienced STEAM educators and be excited by their infectious enthusiasm and passion for thinking outside the box
  • Experiment with cool programs and technologies such as Lego Mindstorms, Cubelets and Meeper Bots while also getting creative with old-school materials like straws, foil and even spaghetti
  • Revel in dynamic hands-on activities that focus on making content tangible and practical
  • Engage deeply in projects that have authentic real-world applications that will open their eyes to the possibilities that await them
  • Work alongside our experienced STEAM educators, gaining new ideas and strategies to implement in your classroom
  • Save time by leaving the STEAM integration to us, giving you more time to focus on other quality programming…or assessment…or reporting…or communication with parents…or any of the million other things that demand your time
  • Be truly inspired watching your students think in new ways, take risks and work collaboratively to solve intellectual challenges
  • Rest easy knowing that your students are developing the thinking skills essential to their success in the future

How do the workshops run?

Build-A-Mind are mindful that every school is different, with its own routines, structures and expectations.  Hence, with thorough communication prior to the event, our workshops can be very flexible and are able to be adapted to suit the individual needs of the school.

However, a standard workshop takes the following format:

  1. Inspiring opening presentation on the power of STEAM learning
  2. Immersive discussion/brainstorm around a particular topic
  3. Introduction of ‘the challenge’ for the day
  4. Students break off to work independently or in small groups to solve the challenge with guidance from the facilitator
  5. Students experiment with a range of technology and materials and use research, trial and error, and feedback to work towards a solution
  6. At the end of the day, students present their projects to the larger group, explaining their process, justifying decisions they made, highlighting difficulties they faced and celebrating breakthroughs they had
  7. Certificates awarded to all participants as well as special awards given for commendable actions/ideas


Sound too good to be true? Read what other schools have to say about Build-A-Mind

Thank you so much Kerry and Georgia.  You provided an exceptional service - the easiest party I have ever hosted :-). The children loved it and were entertained beautifully.  You were extremely flexible and accomodating.  Thanks so much, we will see you again.

Alena and Family

From start to finish, this was a great incursion.  Kerry was warm and welcoming and all the children responded to her well.  The children had no difficulties working in teams or following the instructions.  When talking to them, they all said that they enjoyed it and that they would do it again.


Build-a-mind was a fantastic opportunity for our students to be immersed in the world of coding. Interacting with Kerry was amazing, as not only was she extremely professional, but responded quickly to all of our enquiries. Kerry arrived at our school completely prepared to guide us through everything we needed to know - even going above and beyond and providing us with extra resources and useful information. Kerry’s friendly nature made it very easy for the students to remain engaged, with each and every student learning a great deal about coding on the day. We highly appreciate Kerry taking the time and consideration to guide us through these amazing activities, and we look forward to working with her in the future.

Jennifer Awad