On the 30th June, NDIS Registered Providers need to change over to the new system in order to retain their Registered Provider status.  Build-A-Mind has opted not to go ahead with this.  It’s been a hard decision, as we want to support as many people as we can, but the costs involved are prohibitive for a small business and as we only fall under a single category that is not in many plans, we haven’t found many agency managed participants who were able to actively use their funds for our services.

What this means for NDIS participants

If you are plan managed or self managed, you can still use our services and we can provide you with an invoice for payment.  If you want to use NDIS funding, you will need to have two meetings with us, in addition to the classes – one for goal setting and another for the review and report at the end of the term.  Unfortunately, these meetings and the ensuing report will incur additional charges.  It may be possible for you to claim for those additional fees.  The goal setting meeting starts from $88 and the report is $176.  These fees are over and above the class fees.

Do I have to have the goal setting meeting and the report?

No.  If you opt to pay for the classes yourself and do not use your funding, you will not need the meeting or report.

What extra supports will my child receive?

We try to keep our costs down as much as we can, whilst still offering an excellent program and service.  Unfortunately this does mean that we cannot provide any more dedicated service to one child over another.  We do recommend that for children who have higher needs or who would benefit from more one to one support, that they attend with a carer.  This helps to ensure that their learning and enjoyment gains top priority from us and that they are able to receive the additional support they may require through the session.

Do you have dedicated NDIS classes?

On occasion, we do offer dedicated classes for NDIS participants.  These classes are smaller and have no more than 6 participants and have a 1:3 ratio.  These classes can be requested by yourself if you have others who can attend and can be provided in your home if you would like to host them or at our location if there is availability of the room.  Where we find a class has a group of children that would benefit from a smaller group setting and a slower, more cohesive approach, we may offer to run a seperate session.  Given the adjustment in dynamics for this approach, these classes will incur greater fees.  It is also possible to have 1:1 sessions during the school day.  Please feel free to call Kerry on 0456 089 044 if you feel a dedicated class will be a better fit for your child’s individual goals.