Level Up Robotics Club

Level Up Robotics Club

Our Level-Up Robotics club is an invitation only class for children aged 10+ who are already well-versed in the basic principles of coding and robotics. It targets those who have a passion for exploring more complex concepts and pursuing more challenging projects.

Level-Up Robotics is focused on learning to build and code a wider variety of robots, with a core foundation in LEGOⓇ Mindstorms EV3 Robots and Arduinos. Each class is a succession of the prior class and as such, a full term’s attendance is necessary.  Children work in pairs to help develop collaborative skills and are actively encouraged to problem solve and seek their own solutions to challenges, rather than being given one specific method to perform a task. Resilience and persistence are required

The future in your child’s hands

Level-Up Robotics runs during every school term from Week 2 to Week 9 (8 weeks).  We run one session per week which is open to invited students in Years 5 – 10 .

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New venue coming soon


New venue coming soon


Hawkesbury Leisure & Learning
@ Richmond
Suitable for:
Yrs 5 – 10
8 weeks (Week 2-9 each school term)
4:00pm – 5:30pm
Rick Swancott


New venue coming soon


New venue coming soon

Things to bring:
Please bring a snack and drink.
Things to remember:
These are academic sessions (not after-school care) so active participation is essential.
If a session falls on a public holiday, the term is extended by one week.
Children are expected to clean up after themselves at the end of each session.
Our values:
We are resilient learners.
We are persistent learners.
We learn more through our set-backs than our successes.

We use online bookings so that you can receive instant confirmation of your place. Due to the high demand for our workshops, we are unable to reserve places and payment must be made at the time of booking.  Payments can be made via PayPal, Credit Card (through PayPal) and Bank Transfer.  Places are only confirmed once payment has been received.