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Our Full STEAM Ahead classes are our most popular as they combine the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics into varied and authentic real-world investigations. With all learning being based in experimentation and application, there is no old-fashioned rote learning or copying down notes here! Our sessions are all about movement, social interaction, creativity and self-expression!

The sessions are primarily child-led and whilst each term has an assigned theme, the children define their own learning with the guidance and feedback of our specialist STEAM edutainers.  Children are free to choose from a variety of tools, materials and technology and to develop their own creative ideas. There are no standardised learning goals, outcomes or assessments that often steer school learning.  Our only goal is for children to grow their knowledge and understanding of the world, in whatever ways and at whatever pace suits them.

Each term, the Full STEAM Ahead kids are exposed to things such as:

  • Models (including complex Lego builds)
  • Electronics and circuits
  • Gears, axles, wheels, pulleys and motors
  • Scratch coding and computer programming
  • Robotics
  • Stop-motion animation
  • Digital design

With these skills as a foundation, there is no limit to the things that we can create or the problems we can solve!  We’ve seen rockets, slides, castles, robots and much, much more! 

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