Lego Party

Not all parties are created equal!  A Build-A-Mind Lego® party can take many different forms.

We have parties for kids from 4 upwards.  Naturally, 4 year olds have a lot of things they like and their focus shifts quite quickly, so for these younger kids we use a lot of Duplo and fast action building projects.  Quite often, the kids will gravitate towards free building and doing a lot of running around.

Kids from around 6 will start to focus and want an activity they can get more involved in.  We usually do themed builds and a couple of fast paced games for this age group and may even throw in some robotics.  Ninjago, Star Wars, Super Heroes and of course, Lego Friends and Elves are very popular themes for this age group.

Once the kids are 8, we focus more on robotics and have some quick build, high octane robots to make and code.  Usually the building ends in some kind of challenge – think robot races!

From 10+ we get into Lego Mindstorms and more often than not, have a battlebot building challenge.  These Lego parties are super exciting and very noisy as the kids are very passionate about the robot friends.  The robot party ends in an awesome Sumo Robot Battle.